What to Expect

1-Hour Reiki Session

In a 1-hour session, we will first discuss any issues that you are dealing with or questions you may have. Then, when we are both ready, I will have you lay on a table, fully clothed and resting comfortably on your back. You don’t need to do anything, other than relax and be open to receive. Often, Reiki is done in silence, however, if talking is something that happens, it is perfect. I may receive messages or be guided to say something, and I will do so. I will being the Reiki session. If you are comfortable, I may place my hands, with a light touch, but only if you are comfortable. Half way through the session, I may ask you to turn over on to your stomach.

Once the Reiki Session is complete, we will discuss all that came up from the session and any blockages that were identified. From there, you may feel rested, energized, tired, wired or all of the above. You could experience emotional changes (sadness, giddiness, laughter, etc) It is all perfect and it is just the bodies way of RELEASING the energy that was once blocked.

For the following few days, it’s important to be gentle with yourself. The effects of Reiki and the new flow of energy will have a lasting impact and it’s a great time to become aware of life and the new energy. Drink lots of water and listen to your body. If you need to rest, rest. If you need to exercise, do so!

Distance Reiki

Reiki Energy can be sent to a specific person (or other being) even if they are not in the same room. Just having their name is enough to channel the energy, through a particular technique, to that person. As a Receiver of Distant Reiki, you don’t need to DO anything special. What is ideal is if, during the 20 minutes, you are able to be still, be quiet and be open. This could be in your room, or even at work. It’s the intention and being open that makes a difference. That being said, Reiki is still very effective on people who are unable to stop and be still. You will know that I am doing the treatment and you can carry on with what is going on. I will perform the session accordingly.

Distance Reiki can be just as powerful as being in the same room. Once the energy shifts start happening, you may experience the same symptoms as I mentioned above (tired, wired, giddy, sad, mad, elated…) It’s all just energy being released. Be gentle on yourself.

How Often?

You can never OVER DO Reiki. Energy flowing through and clearing and cleansing is always beneficial. But not sometimes on the bank account. Trust your body. You may start to feel that things are “stuck”. The Stuck could be an emotion, negative thoughts, a tough experience that you would like to move through with love, etc. When you would like assistance with balance, openness, flow and connection, that’s is the perfect time to book.

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